Business and Residential Shredding

The ideal solution for organizations that need one-time, periodic or regular shredding of paper documents. Our service is cost-effective, secure, convenient and environmentally-friendly.

We shred financial documents, tax forms and other sensitive materials. No need to remove staples, paper clips, or folders – we make it easy for you!

Shredding Programs

We provide consoles or totes for you on a monthly, weekly, or on-call basis.

WE HAVE NO CONTRACTS! Why pay for a service if you are not happy?

Our contract to you is to make you happy — if not, why keep us?

If your company needs a signed contract we will gladly provide you one.

Shredding: On-site or Off-site

  • Off-site Shredding is where we take the paper / items to our plant for shredding.
  • On-Site Shredding is where we bring our shredding truck right to your place and shred there.
Document with top portion intact and bottom three quarters in shreds.

On-Call Shredding

On-Call Shredding is simple: you call when you need the service. Over 90% of our customers prefer this method of service.

On-Call Shredding saves you money. Why pay for a service when your console tote is not full for shredding?

Other shredding companies require a contract plus weekly/monthly pickup programs even though you may not need the service.

Why Pay More?

Call Able Shred and save money!